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Write an essay on IELTS 8 points

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How to write an essay IELTS I will tell you by their example. Whenever I have a course in preparation for the test, I’m starting to come to pass it too. I think that is necessary, no more. All international exams duplicate each other, my CAE is also nothing, it would be necessary CPE and IELTS terribly expensive for two years of freshness. After these thoughts I rest, but in good shape still themselves hold.

So I periodically asked to evaluate my work colleagues having a direct relation to IELTS. They, or the examiners, or already passes this test. It’s hard to prescribe myself scores on benchmarks, when you shake the cramps makeovers, and arm stretches and something to correct. Approximately I always know your score, but need a few opinions.

I’ll leave aside the stories about the time and 250-270 words per essay. You can read about it in my General overview of the IELTS . Here I write about the necessary steps, some of which are the responsibility of the teacher.

Types and examples of essays IELTS

They definitely need to have a sample. The blogs that I found are good examples, but they are mostly 5-7 points. Few texts on 8-9 are in Cambridge IELTS Practice Tests 7-10. Lean on them — it’s a reliable source.

The most common type of essay is to Express their point of view, to agree or disagree with the statement completely or only partially. The main thing to say about this already in the introduction, to prove his innocence struggling in two or three paragraphs of the main part and again to insist on the conclusion.

It is the job I chose from the tutorial Complete IELTS. Best to start with favorite topics that already have something to say. At the unloved, but needed for IELTS, you will have to gather ideas from people, from books, magazines and blogs.

The task is simple, on the topic of the day.

Modern forms of communication such as email and messaging have reduced the amount of time people spend seeing their friends. This has a negative effect in their social lives. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Although the ideas on this topic arise almost immediately read the samples at 8-9 temporarily cause an inferiority complex. But the official evaluation criteria initially lead to a screeching halt with its vagueness. Only helps practice, the frequent appeal to examples of these same criteria.

Criteria for essay IELTS high score and the text itself

All four criteria are considered equivalent. Here is a short and a more detailed description of the score of eight.

Task response — no deviation from the topic. Options from the series «this is such an urgent issue now,» «everybody’s talking about it» and so prosecuted, the reduced score. The idea of the first sentence in the paragraph clearly and fully disclosed later.

Coherence and Cohesion — the paragraphs with a clear idea, put beautiful words-chords, no repeating words. When the text is read without effort, then it’s aerobatics.

Lexical resource. The text should be read easily, not only thanks to every “soedinilis”. Need natural collocations — collocations. There are no rules, they need to know by heart — to tackle a problem, a solution to a problem, dreadfully/ slightly worried, worried sick and things not to learn in one day or even a month. Neutral phrasal verbs and idioms will come in handy — be into pop music, the project took off the ground. Need more synonyms for «jaded» words – problem, very, like, hate, interesting, boring, love, interest, etc.

Grammatical range and accuracy. The entire Arsenal of advanced grammar should go in XCOM’m fronting, gerunds, infinitives, prepositional phrases. Errors in use should not be. You can accidentally skip the letter, but it is better not to come here too often.

Mindful of the criteria and the high level of examples, I wrote this essay. Asked to assess his two colleagues, IELTS examiner and teacher with a total score of 8.5. Each other, they don’t know, but said like — 8-8.5, and the Niners need more advanced words and structures.

How to train

Having passed all these stages, I understand the fears of the students what to write, how to write, suddenly it’s not so. Besides, writing in their native language especially enjoyed the fame. It’s a skill that needs to be trained the same as speaking. Essays on high, and at any point, you can write, if you remember the simple things.

First are ideas about what to write. Good English will not help, it is necessary to expand the overall Outlook. Options you can combine or use only one. The easiest way is to read a lot of jobs essay, and then ask the teacher, friends, acquaintances, what they think about it. A more time consuming process is to find books with topics and examples essay of any IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, FCE, CAE. Need ideas, not structure and language. The hardest part to read a lot themselves. It’s a series of impossible, but doable.

The second is to work on the English language. The most important thing words, of course. Without them, very tight. Grammar for essay away much easier, and words are dependent on ideas. So books for words and dictionaries.

Third — quite banal. Ideas, words and structures necessary to practise criteria-based IELTS. Again it is better to forget about time and has yet to collect a bunch of ideas, words and structures. When a job no longer results in a stupor, you can already detect 40 minutes.

It will work if done regularly, do not overdo the volume and stop quietly hate letter ?

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